I need people's opinion please

Hi, I'm going to test my patience this week in a AVGN type thing, I need people to tell me some shitty games that they've played. Below are the following systems they need to be from, if you could, post, give me the name, and why it sucks.

Atari 2600
Game Boy

I'm wanting to be able to test my patience to the max!
simpsonized me

(no subject)

I'm inheriting a half-done MAME cabinet from a friend of mine. Its basically the wooden shell, with buttons/joysticks already installed.

No computer or monitor yet, though.

A few questions to those who may have built a MAME cabinet....

1) Did you use Windows or Linux as the OS? I'd like to use Linux as I am a unix admin for a living, and had used Linux a lot in the past on my home computer, but I also want to make sure all the control hardware will work...

2) Back to #1 what are some good frontends for a mame cabinet, on either platform?

3) Will an LCD monitor give acceptable performance? I'm looking to get something like say a 20" but will the LCD do a decent job with all the strange resolutions the old games used?
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Sloth 2

Just joined, and I have questions

Hi, I'm Liz, and I spend a lot of time playing video games. I bought a crapload of old school games especially for the NES, Sega, N64, and SNES. I will swear up and down that the games and roms are legit. Here are my questions....those sites that you've put on the "user info" page, are those virus-free? My computer has been bitchy, and the last thing I need is to find a trojan. I especially need someone that really knows about spyware/adware/viruses/malware to tell me these things. If you don't know about them, try to point me to someone who can answer my question. I'm looking for some ROMS for Sega and SNES. (I don't own a Sega, but I buy the games, I can't find a system for a good price, and my SNES is messed up)

Anyway, hope to hear from people soon, Good Luck, God Speed, and kick some ass!
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tactics ogre snes rom translation

I am a huge ff tactics fan and have been longing to be able to play tactics ogre in it's original
snes format. Does anyone know where I can find a translated Tactics Ogre .smc for emulation, or
perhaps a translation patch? It seems like the only option is to buy the playstation release, which is
something i'm not crazy about doing. Is there a playstation rom out there? any information would
be greatly appreciated. i'm dying for some tactics.

your fellow gamer,


Got my Powerpak!

I've only tested a few games, but so far am very impressed.  I haven't been able to get Super Mario 2J working, it's probably one of the mappers that's not supported, and Megaman2 has sound problems, but I think my rom may be a bad dump.  I played Zelda Outlands for a little, also tested Dragon Warrior 3&4, both run awesome. My Mario Air hack runs perfectly.

Of the games I have played, I haven't seen any graphics glitches at all.

Are there any games that anyone would like me to test specifically?
Me&Matt (xXx)

(no subject)

Hi there. 

I have just joined this community in the hope that someone will be able to help me. I am a complete dunce when it comes to computers and getting them to work. However, i do like my computer games - mainly the old classic Atari and C64 games. I also partial to my mega drive.

Basically i am trying to get an Atari (I believe it was on the C64 also) game called Henry's House to work on my PC. My PC has got windows XP FYI. I dont know what i am doing wrong. I go to a site where it says download i click on download and unzip the file extracting everything i presume. Then i get a window popping up telling that i need a FILExt. I have no idea what that is or what i need to do. From what i can gather i think it means i need an emulator or something. I kind of know what that is - but i dont know how it links to my already downloaded file for my game.

Im confused :(

Any help would be much appreciated.

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hey guys, this will be x-posted (pun not intended), so, I apologize.

However, is there any way, to take a Rom of the ol' X-Men arcade game, from Konami, and somehow burn it into a playable disc to the PS2?

Maybe I'm just speaking crazyness, but, I'd pay $20-$40, obo, willingly for that!