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It's not illegal.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

11:33AM - I need people's opinion please

Hi, I'm going to test my patience this week in a AVGN type thing, I need people to tell me some shitty games that they've played. Below are the following systems they need to be from, if you could, post, give me the name, and why it sucks.

Atari 2600
Game Boy

I'm wanting to be able to test my patience to the max!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

11:19PM - MAME noob needs help? ^^;

ISO any nice WinXP MAME emulators w/ frontends, zSNES-style. Install, add ROMs to the right directory, open the program and play from there; that's all I'm looking for. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! :D

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I'm inheriting a half-done MAME cabinet from a friend of mine. Its basically the wooden shell, with buttons/joysticks already installed.

No computer or monitor yet, though.

A few questions to those who may have built a MAME cabinet....

1) Did you use Windows or Linux as the OS? I'd like to use Linux as I am a unix admin for a living, and had used Linux a lot in the past on my home computer, but I also want to make sure all the control hardware will work...

2) Back to #1 what are some good frontends for a mame cabinet, on either platform?

3) Will an LCD monitor give acceptable performance? I'm looking to get something like say a 20" but will the LCD do a decent job with all the strange resolutions the old games used?

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